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26 décembre 2008
Par LausAnimaliste
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Pétition : campagne pour les singes du Népal

La campagne pour sauver les singes du Népal de la vivisection (Gateway To Hell) a lancé une pétition online urgente. Merci de la signer et de la faire suivre. Plus d’infos copiées-collées ci-dessous en anglais...

The new Nepalese government are currently deciding whether to permit the
monkey farming they inherited from the previous administration, there are
currently 310 monkeys awaiting an uncertain fate and numerous more farms
planned if the monkey farming is permitted....we must NOT let that happen !

Please urgently sign this petition to help save Nepal’s monkeys from
vivisection in American laboratories. It is due to be submitted to the
relevant authorities in Nepal on Tuesday or Wednesday and we need the
maximum of signatures before it is sent !

We have fought the Nepalese government to the point where they are
revising the law, but we must make sure that monkeys aren’t included in the
new legislation so please help us keep up the pressure and save Nepal’s
monkeys from vivisection !

Please, please, please take 30 seconds from your day to take this action.
Whether you believe in petitions or not, it all adds to the pressure so
for the sake of Nepal’s monkeys please act now !

For more information on the campaign, news, updates and reports see :

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